about us

Tobias Krug

is a glass and multi-media artist and representative of the “concrete futurism” movement. He is a member of the European non-profit Frequenzen e.V. artists’ collective. Since 1998, he has been tackling the subject of “space and time” and using various methods of depiction to make “time” visible. As one example, alongside musician Brian Cranford, he has been behind the Music of the Planets project since 2003.

Petra Renner

is an astrologist and educator who has been active for some time in the area of practical art. Working with psychologist and astrologist Markus Jehle, she mounts the DAV summer academy at Ammersee, and has for many years used her knowledge and strategies to help individuals with their development, motivation, and creativity.


met in 2011 at a group exhibition “Vis à Vis” in Eresing. We found we had a rich collection of experience, and a variety of expressive methods on the subject of “time.” Together, we are working to make the shape of time in a horoscope perceptible to the senses.

We developed the form and creative implementation of the TIME-DOTS-IMAGE .


enabled us to realize our desire to combine art and astrology.