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Your horoscope – your TIME-DOTS-IMAGE
We create your personal TIME-DOTS-IMAGE based on your horoscope.
You supply us with your birth date and place, and we create a picture designed individually for you that visually expresses your personal circumstances.

These inspiring and colorful pictures also make wonderful presents for loved ones.

Delivery time: 10-20 business days


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A birth horoscope depicts the constellation of the heavens at a particular point in time. Because the celestial bodies are continually in motion, each point in time has a unique constellation of sun, moon, and planets, as well as the ascendants in the twelve signs of the zodiac – a constellation that will never be repeated.

A TIME-DOTS-IMAGE is the visual representation of a horoscope, presenting a mix of colors that corresponds in both form and number to the position of the planets. Each planet and ascendant has its own color.

Harmonious and idiosyncratic combinations make the personal variety of the horoscope visible.

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