color tone

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe has already dealt with the effect of color as part of his color theory. Already in 1810 he published his most extensive work “Zur Farbenlehre” in which he attributed human characteristics to the color tones. …
In order to gain an extended understanding of nature, a TIME-DOTS-IMAGE represents the quality of a time as a color sound. The harmonic and tension-laden factors of a horoscope are presented in their entirety by the imagery of the TIME-DOTS-IMAGE and for the subconscious made effective by the viewer.

colors of the ascendant

Aries (ari)
Taurus (tau)
Gemini (gem)
Cancer (can)
Leo (leo)
Virgo (vir)
Libra (lib)
Scorpio (sco)
Sagittarius (sag)
Capricorn (cap)
Aquarius (aqu)
Pisces (pis)