Chronos and Kairos

From Greek mythology we know two gods of time. Chronos is the god of time measurement. Kairos is the god of the right moment.

Chronos is the time that passes permanently, the chronology, the course of time, the permanent, calculable structures and systems. It represents the quantitative perception of time. Time that elapses at a constant pace and is therefore measurable.

Kairos gives time a new dimension. He represents the qualitative perception of time. Kairos stands for the present with its opportunities and means the “favor of the hour”, the right moment, the special moment, the spontaneous, the appropriate moment to become active.

The spontaneous can be perceived as such within an order, a structure or a system. Outside there are no experiences of spontaneity and “special moments”. Kairos is the counterpart to Chronos. Both levels of perception of time complement each other.