Wir leben und arbeiten alle in Systemen: dem Schulsystem, Familiensystem, Glaubenssystem oder Gesundheitssystem, und auch mit dem Sonnensystem sind wir Menschen verbunden. Wenn wir den Blick auf den Sternenhimmel richten, sehen wir Planeten in unserem Sonnensystem, und deren Positionen wechseln sekündlich.

Bei Zeit-Punkte-Bild arbeiten wir mit Daten aus der Astronomie. Wir schauen uns die Positionen der Planeten aus Sicht der Erde, aus der Perspektive des Menschen an, so wie es im Moment lokalisiert ist. Das ist wie ein GPS. Aktiviere ich auf meinem Handy das GPS, dann lasse ich mich zu dem gewünschten Ort leiten, den ich eingegeben habe. Das GPS ist geführt von Satelliten. Wir von ZEIT-PUNKTE-BILD machen nichts anderes: Wir schauen uns die Satelliten in unserem System an und beziehen sie auf Ihre Position und den Ort, an dem Sie sich gerade befinden. Ob in Europa, Asien oder der Südsee – es ergibt sich immer ein anderer Blickwinkel.

Alle sind wir an einem besonderen Tag und Ort zur Welt gekommen. Der Blickwinkel aus München, Neu Delhi oder aus Los Angeles auf den Himmel ist immer ein anderer. Die besondere Prägung, die im Moment der Geburt wirkte, ist wie ein Samenkorn. Dieses Samenkorn können wir auf alles beziehen, das einen Anfang hat. Für jede Firma, die gegründet wird, ist das der Moment, in dem die letzte Person unterschreibt und handlungsfähig, geschäftsfähig wird. Dieser Moment, das ist der Geburtsmoment des Unternehmens. Das kann man auf Heiratsverträge anwenden. Das kann man auf ganze Gruppenevents anwenden. Deswegen benötigen wir, um ein ZEIT-PUNKE-BILD zu erstellen, den Tag, den Ort und die Uhrzeit, und wir sehen mit diesen 3 Komponenten die Konstellation.

Wir arbeiten am Computer, übernehmen die individuelle Planetenkonstellation, und dann kommt die Gestaltung. Sie lässt sich für eine Person, ein Paar, einen Moment oder ein System erstellen und ist als digitales oder physisches Bild zu haben. Wir arbeiten mit dem Raum zwischen den Planeten, der auch die Quelle allen Seins genannt wird. Entsprechend der Position und des entstandenen Raums werden nach unserer speziellen Technik die Farbmenge, die Farbintensität und die Größe der Punkte berechnet.

Ein Zeit-Punkte-Bild in Ihren privaten oder geschäftlichen Räumen ist individuell und persönlich, es ist Ihr kosmischer Fingerabdruck, eröffnet Raum für Inspiration und ist darüber hinaus ein dekoratives Statement.

size – differentiation – number

the size of the dots

The size of the dots is designed according to the position of a planet in the zodiac. If the planet is in a cardinal sign, large dots are used; in a fixed sign the dots are of medium size, and mutable signs are represented by small dots.

Large Medium Small
Aries Leo Sagittarius FIRE
Libra Aquarius Gemini AIR
Capricorn Taurus Virgo EARTH
Cancer Scorpio Pisces WATER

the differentiation of the dots

Another structural element is the differentiation of the dots into transparent or non-transparent quality. Is the planet positioned in a so-called feminine sign, the dots are transparent, but in a masculine sign they are non-transparent.

Aries Capricorn
Libra Cancer
Leo Taurus
Aquarius Scorpio
Sagittarius Virgo
Gemini Pisces
Masculine signs Feminine signs

Method of calculation of the TIME-DOTS-IMAGEs

The calculation of the number of dots is based on the concept of midpoints acc. to Reinhold Ebertin. The number of dots is calculated from the ratio of the distance (measured in degrees) between the planets in their respective signs.

Chronos and Kairos

From Greek mythology we know two gods of time. Chronos is the god of time measurement. Kairos is the god of the right moment.

Chronos is the time that passes permanently, the chronology, the course of time, the permanent, calculable structures and systems. It represents the quantitative perception of time. Time that elapses at a constant pace and is therefore measurable.

Kairos gives time a new dimension. He represents the qualitative perception of time. Kairos stands for the present with its opportunities and means the “favor of the hour”, the right moment, the special moment, the spontaneous, the appropriate moment to become active.

The spontaneous can be perceived as such within an order, a structure or a system. Outside there are no experiences of spontaneity and “special moments”. Kairos is the counterpart to Chronos. Both levels of perception of time complement each other.

An artistic interpretation of a quality of time

The celestial sky has always fascinated people. A horoscope shows the position of the stars at a certain point in time. These positions can be interpreted. A TIME-DOTS-IMAGE is an artistic, visual expression of a horoscope and enables the sensory perception of a celestial situation at a certain point in time. It portrays the color mixture in quality and quantity according to the positions of the planets. Each planet and each ascendant is assigned its own color. The play of dots and colours allows for an enormous variety of expressions and contexts.

The comparison with the sight of the celestial sky is obvious. When we look at the starry sky, the chaos of stars forms into constellations only in the eye of the beholder. The structural order of a TIME-DOTS-IMAGE is determined by the size of the points, the quality and quantity of the colors and the tint of the background according to the ascendant. TIME-DOTS-IMAGEs seem like sections of an endlessly continuable structure. The dots can potentially be continued indefinitely on all sides of the picture. The edges of the image limit the hypothetical infinity.

Away from the usual thinking, to perceive the meaning of a horoscope sensually is a new kind of experience.

color tone

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe has already dealt with the effect of color as part of his color theory. Already in 1810 he published his most extensive work “Zur Farbenlehre” in which he attributed human characteristics to the color tones. …
In order to gain an extended understanding of nature, a TIME-DOTS-IMAGE represents the quality of a time as a color sound. The harmonic and tension-laden factors of a horoscope are presented in their entirety by the imagery of the TIME-DOTS-IMAGE and for the subconscious made effective by the viewer.

the planets

astrological equivalents of the planetary powers

  • Moon ~ feelings, emotional desires and needs, soul, mother-child, home, unconscious
  • Sun ~ basic central life energy, realization of the ego, consciousness, will, vitality, individuality
  • Mercury ~ communication, intellect, thinking, learning, writing, understanding, information, knowledge, mediation and contacts
  • Venus ~ aesthetics, sense of style, harmony, sense of beauty, art, love, sensuality, enjoyment, material possessions, values
  • Mars ~ energy, activity, will, energy, courage, assertiveness, passion, dynamism, impulsivity, aggression
  • Jupiter ~ philosophy, expansion of the horizon, education, meaningfulness, foresight, ethics, value awareness, justice, expansion, growth, development
  • Saturn ~ concentration, structure, order, tradition, contraction, responsibility, norms, awareness, perseverance, duty, discipline, reality
  • Uranus ~ change, creativity, intuition, spontaneity, ideas, unconventional, humor, rising, acceleration, reform, revolution, evolution
  • Neptun ~ inspiration, imagination, illusion, deception, addictions, mysticism, yearning, altruism, unselfishness, all-love, dreamworlds
  • Pluto ~ transformation, intensity, metamorphosis, dying and becoming, magic, power and powerlessness, suppressed

the ascendent

astrological equivalents of ascendent powers

  • Aries ~ 0°- 30° ~ I am ~
    It is to be noted that I actively, decisively and with fighting spirit implement my projects. As a pioneer I am in my element and learn to enforce myself. My self-esteem helps me spontaneously and courageously to go my own way and to develop leadership qualities.
  • Taurus ~ 30°- 60° ~ I have ~
    It is to be noted that I also like to enjoy the beautiful aspects of life. Patiently and steadily I worked to complete what I had begun. My strength helps me to bring safety and stability into my life.
  • Gemini ~ 60°-90° ~ I think ~
    It is to be noted that my alert and mobile mind likes to gather information and pass it on. My joy in communication and my knowledge are helping me to develop more and more discernment.
  • Cancer ~ 90°-120° ~ I feel ~
    It is to be noted that I explore the world emotionally and learn to listen to my feelings. Even though I feel sensitive and vulnerable, I am strong because I can be so sensitive and emotional. Especially important to me is my home, my home, my family.
  • Leo ~ 120°-150° ~ I want ~
    It is to be noted that I spray with joie de vivre and am adventurous to have every fun and every game. I take on the task of realizing myself and I am ready to be in the limelight. In this way, I achieve great self-confidence, pride and honor. I would like to preserve my childlike naivety into old age.
  • Virgo ~ 150°-180° ~ I analyze ~
    It is to be noted that with my pronounced discernment I can immediately recognize what is appropriate for me. My researching mind helps me to learn. I try to improve myself until everything goes according to plan and works optimally. I am careful with my body and with my resources.
  • Libra ~ 180°-210° ~ I agree ~
    It is to be noted that it is a deep need for me to contribute to the beautification and harmonization of the world. With my love of contact and my talent style and elegance to spread around me I am very popular. Relationships with other people determine my life. Wherever there are disagreements, I find my job to settle diplomatically and to balance differences.
  • Scorpio ~ 210°-240° ~ I wish ~
    It is to be noted that I have good instincts and a strong knowledge of human nature. I feel what others are hiding from me and I purposefully discover secrets. Power and influence exert a great attraction on me. My passion and the depth of my insights give me a fascinating and mysterious charisma.
  • Sagittarius ~ 240°-270° ~ I see ~
    It is to be noted that my optimism helps me to discover the positive in all situations and thus gives hope to people. I like to be a good role model and can be very fair. Everywhere I search for meaning and meaning. I do not feel like traveling too far. My enthusiasm and joy of discovery give me a youthful charisma.
  • Capricorn ~ 270°-300° ~ I use ~
    It is to be noted that I am always aware of my duties and responsibilities and can bear a lot of responsibility. Having learned to work hard and being resilient, I can achieve goals that require a high degree of discipline and perseverance.
  • Aquarius ~ 300°-330° ~ I know ~
    It is to be noted that I try to maintain my independence and originality in order to live my own unique and unconventional character. My interest in extraordinary things helps me to create and realize ideas and visions. I like to break new ground.
  • Pisces ~ 330°- 360° ~ I believe ~
    It is to be noted that my sympathy with the needs of others in me triggers a great need to help. Also, when I sometimes seem perverted or slightly confused, I can always rely on my intuition. In search of a deeper understanding of the world, I find access to spirituality, art, altruism or healing.