the planets

astrological equivalents of the planetary powers

  • Moon ~ feelings, emotional desires and needs, soul, mother-child, home, unconscious
  • Sun ~ basic central life energy, realization of the ego, consciousness, will, vitality, individuality
  • Mercury ~ communication, intellect, thinking, learning, writing, understanding, information, knowledge, mediation and contacts
  • Venus ~ aesthetics, sense of style, harmony, sense of beauty, art, love, sensuality, enjoyment, material possessions, values
  • Mars ~ energy, activity, will, energy, courage, assertiveness, passion, dynamism, impulsivity, aggression
  • Jupiter ~ philosophy, expansion of the horizon, education, meaningfulness, foresight, ethics, value awareness, justice, expansion, growth, development
  • Saturn ~ concentration, structure, order, tradition, contraction, responsibility, norms, awareness, perseverance, duty, discipline, reality
  • Uranus ~ change, creativity, intuition, spontaneity, ideas, unconventional, humor, rising, acceleration, reform, revolution, evolution
  • Neptun ~ inspiration, imagination, illusion, deception, addictions, mysticism, yearning, altruism, unselfishness, all-love, dreamworlds
  • Pluto ~ transformation, intensity, metamorphosis, dying and becoming, magic, power and powerlessness, suppressed