TIME-DOTS-IMAGE – partnership

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This image is for any kind of relationship between two people, whether it’s romantic, a friendship, a relative, or a business partners. The combination of two birth horoscopes (combined or composited) is the basis of the visual representation of the TIME-DOTS-IMAGE partnership. It allows an intuitive insight into any kind of relationship between two people.

Discover what you and your partner look like as a visual image.

These inspiring and colorful pictures also make wonderful presents for loved ones, or occasions such as weddings or business start-ups, etc.

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Your personal TIME-DOTS-IMAGE will be calculated and designed using a special imaging method. The positions of the sun, moon, planets, and zodiac ascendants determine the kind and number of colors. Each planet and ascendant is assigned its own color.

Methods of relationship or partner horoscopes:

  • The Combin version uses the mathematical mean of two birth times and locations to produce a new, stand-alone horoscope.
  • The Composite version uses the mathematical mean of the spatial positions of two identical planets to produce an artificial, hypothetical horoscope.

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