TIME-DOTS-IMAGE – special moments

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A personal TIME-DOTS-IMAGE of the best moments in your life.
TIME-DOTS-IMAGE s are a lovely gift for occasions such as birthdays, partnerships, weddings, a genealogy, start-ups, and many more.
We all want to remember special moments in our lives. The best memories are the ones that touch our hearts, that make us smile. Because remembering the best moments in life makes us happy.

We all want to preserve important moments since they are precious and unusual. You tell us the time and location of that moment and we’ll create a personal TIME-DOTS-IMAGE and send it to you.

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A TIME-DOTS-IMAGE “Special Moments” is the visual representation of that moment, with a mix of colors that corresponds in both kind and number to the position of the planets in the zodiac. Each planet and ascendant has its own color. Harmonious and idiosyncratic combinations make the personal variety of the special moment visible.

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