An artistic interpretation of a quality of time

The celestial sky has always fascinated people. A horoscope shows the position of the stars at a certain point in time. These positions can be interpreted. A TIME-DOTS-IMAGE is an artistic, visual expression of a horoscope and enables the sensory perception of a celestial situation at a certain point in time. It portrays the color mixture in quality and quantity according to the positions of the planets. Each planet and each ascendant is assigned its own color. The play of dots and colours allows for an enormous variety of expressions and contexts.

The comparison with the sight of the celestial sky is obvious. When we look at the starry sky, the chaos of stars forms into constellations only in the eye of the beholder. The structural order of a TIME-DOTS-IMAGE is determined by the size of the points, the quality and quantity of the colors and the tint of the background according to the ascendant. TIME-DOTS-IMAGEs seem like sections of an endlessly continuable structure. The dots can potentially be continued indefinitely on all sides of the picture. The edges of the image limit the hypothetical infinity.

Away from the usual thinking, to perceive the meaning of a horoscope sensually is a new kind of experience.